Resources available to you to assist the care at home:

  • Books and Reading Material

    Books and Reading Material

    Sarah and Jann have a selection of wonderful resources covering many aspects of end of life care, death and dying, and associated ceremonies to remember your loved one.

  • Fare-well Wishes Document

    Fare-well Wishes Document

    We can work alongside you to record your end of life wishes in advance, so as it is not so stressful on your whanau at end of life.

  • Electric wheelchair

    Electric wheelchair

    Being an electric model, driving this around is very easy.

  • Electric mobility scooter

    Electric mobility scooter

    This will help you to get around when the body needs a rest.

  • Shower chair

    Shower chair

    Sitting in the shower helps to keep you safe and comfortable. We also have 2 x shower stools.

  • Standard wheelchair

    Standard wheelchair

    Great option when you have enough strength in your arms.

  • Walkers


    Available on request

  • Commode chair

    Commode chair

  • Electric hospital bed

    Electric hospital bed

    4 x electric hospital beds and 4x waterproof mattresses.

  • Bed hoist /rails

    Bed hoist /rails

    1 triangular bed hoist, 1 soft bed rail.

  • Bed lever rail

    Bed lever rail

    1 under mattress pull up rail with wooden base.

  • Chair stand assist

    Chair stand assist

    To assist with movement on and off a chair or couch.

  • Other


    A range of incontinent pads and pull up pants, 1 fiddle blanket plus 1 fiddle sleeve suitable for dementia patients, 1 weighted blanket (7kg).

Resources available to you to assist after death:

  • Cold plate

    Cold plate

    a portable cooling plate with its own chiller unit designed and manufactured by Hooked on Engineering, Marlborough, to assist with the preservation of your loved one whilst they remain at home after their death. This unit is designed to sit on a bed or suitable table to keep the body cool for up to 5 days without the need for embalming.

  • Sara Stedy

    Sara Stedy

    The Sara Stedy is an assistive device for non-ambulatory patients and requires an attendant to control the device

  • Plywood kitset coffin

    Plywood kitset coffin

    assembled with calico lining or flat pack constructed by the Havelock Menz Shed

Our very own mobility helper:

We use this van to get us to you and to help with transport needs that do occur.

Fare-well Trust van
Fare-well Trust van