We would like to share with you a very personal experience:

Dear Jann & Sarah

I have been thinking a lot about how to record how team Sounds Farewell became involved in my life.

I have just reread the diary that I kept after Al’s diagnosis and I truly wonder if it was me at all. It was just a catalogue of trying and failing and the gradual losing of my dear Al’.

Of course, all that culminated with the intervention of Hospice and then my introduction to you my dear friends.

At first the phone call to say you would like to call on me and I so distinctively remember the light you brought into my day. Both with your generous spirit, each different but bringing your own special quality of love, care, understanding and compassion.

You helped me make the right choices, individual choices that only referred to me. As you sat there and spoke with me you gently understood who I was and what our story was in life. The heartbreak that was coming, and the decisions that had to be made were made much easier because of your knowledge. We had decided on a private farewell, Al’ always insisted on retaining his pride, and dignity though it all and because of your help and guidance I was able to do this.

When the time came you dropped everything to be with me. To sit and talk to someone who is not connected either as a friend or relative is so much easier as the emotions are not as intense.

Living in an area that is an hour away from medical help I was always so thankful of Hospice visiting everyday but, when it came to the final days knowing that I could call on the Farewell Trust, that was only 20mins away, was indeed a huge comfort and reassurance that I wouldn’t be alone.

It didn’t end there, I’m still in touch with both Jann and Sarah and regard them as my very special friends.

Fondest love,


Sarah in a session at a home

Sarah at a session at a family home.

Even 3 years after the devastating loss of our beautiful Wife, Mum, Mum in law and Nan… the pain is still so real. Some days… it’s hard to believe Mum has passed, but we will never forget when Mum passed away at her home in the Sounds, surrounded by her loving family. The terribly, sad, stressful time for us, was a beautiful passing for Mum, she was so comfortable and at peace.

Mum couldn’t stay in hospital, a care home, or at home with palliative care until she needed hospice care. Closer to the end, Sarah and Jann at the Farewell Trust, working together with Hospice, helped and gave us the confidence to take her home and care for our Mum. They helped us to continue to have the confidence to keep her at home, meaning Mum could have her final wish granted…to pass away at home.

Alongside providing Mum with top quality care at our home. Sarah was a huge support for our entire family, we are so grateful for her and feel she is now an honorary member of our family.

The Newman family

Jann with the 2018 Trust Power Community Award

Trust Power Community Award

We were delighted to hear, that we have been awarded the 2018 finalist for this award.